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Visual-DATA Bookstore is an expert for providing books and CD-ROMs for the computer professional. We at Visual-DATA have all publishing to meet your growing need for quick access to the most complete and accurate computer information available. Our books work the way you do. They focus on accomplishing specific tasks.

The listings in our bookstore cover the entire spectrum of computer- related subjects including:


Usually, this section provides information to our customers. You may also check new information in the following newsgroups : hk.comp.pc and hk.comp.mac .

Internet Programming Languages
Language Pros Cons Target Users Learning Curve
ActiveX High speed of native compiled code. Lacks Java's runtime security and multiplatform portability. Windows application developers Easy for experienced Windows software developers.
Java Extensive class libraries; strong intrinsic security; high performance; broad portability. Security features prevent you from writing to local disk files. Programmers Easy for C++ programmers.
JavaScript Easy to embed in HTML pages; easier to learn than Java for novice users. Lacks Java's full object capabilities, strong data typing, and exception handling; can't write to local disk files. HTML authors Easy for VB programmers.
VB Script Easy to embed in HTML pages; benefits from user familiarity with VB; shares BASIC's easily readable syntax. Lacks Visual Basic's object features; can't use local disk files. HTML authors; others using VB Script-enabled applications or future "information appliances" Easy for VB programmers.

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The second-hand computer book listing is stored in the compressed file "2nd_hand.exe". You may download it by yourself. Extract the Excel file 2nd_hand.xls by typing 2nd_hand at a DOS prompt. It is recommended to put the file in a separate directory. The service charge for each second-hand book is HKD40. Our exchange rate for US dollar is USD1.00=HKD7.74

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